I studied Cultural Anthropology, Sociology and History at Bayreuth University and the Albert-Lugwigs-University in Freiburg, graduating on „Young muslims in German prisons“ in spring of 2011.

I took my first steps into journalism in 2000, writing an article fort he youth-edition of the local newspaper. Considering it was dealing with the local music scene, it was a good preview of the years to come.

While studying in Bayreuth, I wrote for the student’s paper „Der Tip“ and, apart from writing about the then controverse educational politics, I established a weekly music review that  is still a part of every issue to this day.

After moving to Freiburg to continue my studies I was looking for a new home for my writing ambitions and found it in the upcoming online music magazine where I published more than 400 reviews, interviews and live reviews.

Taking the next step, I started to work for the Germany print magazine „Rock It“ in early 2010. After graduating I widened my journalistic aproach to become a recular writer for famous German political blog Spiegelfechter.

Writing about it, I felt the need to capture the event by taking pictures. While the standard of reporting progressed, so did the eqipment as I found you not only in taking press or event-pictures but also to engage in nature-, landscape an espeacially macro-photography.

I am looking foward for new contancts and projects in journalism and media not only in the musical segment.